Paperback book publishers in the United States and in Russia, England, Germany, and France. He has also illustrated for the Science Fiction magazines such as Analog Science Fiction and Fact..

In the world of electronic media, Mr. Bernard worked as an Art Director for Columbia House in both the print publishing and web-design/Internet aspects. He founded Art Instruction Software which led to the first Art Teaching computer program, that he wrote when personal computers first appeared in the marketplace. When the CD-ROM first appeared he was also the first to produce a CD-ROM that teaches Art. And he also established the first Online Art School, that used Quicktime movies to teach art with over the internet. And now he has turned his attention to producing the Trek Videos.

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  About The Artist    

Charles Bernard Illustrator, Art Director, Graphic Designer and Painter is the Art Instructor for all the Trek Videos.

After coming back from Germany where he studied at the Art Academy of Hadamar, Mr. Bernard took a position at Famous Artists Schools of Westport Connecticut. There he learned much about art from some of the best artists in the country while working in the art department there. Through these associations, he learned a great deal about what goes into the making of a work of art and how to communicate this information quickly and effectively, and these same teaching techniques have been applied to the ArtTrek DVD Series.The guiding faculty for the school were some of the greatest illustrators of the last century, people like Norman Rockwell, Al Parker, Albert Dorne, Austin Briggs, Bernie Fuchs, Bob Peak, and many others. They would come to the school and give lectures, and instruct the instructors. Mr. Bernard was privileged to personally meet many of these great artists, who inspired him, and from whom he learned the importance of knowing how to draw and how to construct a composition. This knowledge later enabled him to become a professional illustrator.

Mr. Bernard has worked for many different clients over a period of 25 years including magazine publishers, advertising agencies, video game companies, and book publishers. Some of his clients include, Wizards of the Coast, Fasa, The Easton Press, Five Star Publishing, Habor House Books, Wildside Press, Game Designers Workshop