Thanks, Charles. Just want to let you know that I'm enjoying the course so much. It was worth every dollar. I've been disappointed with countless courses that I've bought in the past, but your course is everything that I wanted. I've never been so happy with an online purchase.

-Michael Poetic

Hi Charles

Thank you thank thank you!! Your course has been a great blessing and such a wealth of knowledge. I am learning so much and your teaching has really opened my eyes. I haven't gone through the full program yet but already I know I am much more educated. Im currently on plans of organization part 2 and your insight never ceases to amaze! The section on color was a delight and I will watch it over again and again. 
Thank you kindly for having taken the time to provide such an amazing educational experience! 

Robert Smith

Thank you very much for the videos. These courses are the best I've ever studied and they have taught me more than the art school I went to. You have no idea how much this course has improved my work as a professional artist. Again, thank you!

Anthony Lozada

Hey Charles, just want to say how much I'm enjoying the art videos!! I purchased the first art videos about 7 years ago and was pleasantly surprised when I bought the second art videos then I also got the third and fourth sets!! I was so thrilled!! They are incredibly affordable and the discounted price helped out a lot considering I'm working at Walmart...

In fact, when I was working the other day I reminded myself about a classmate back in my art school days, our finished pieces were hung up next to everybody else's to be critiqued! For some reason his stood out, and at that time I wasn't sure why,  even though I kept looking at it I knew that it appealed to me more than the others! He knew something that I wanted to know so I can make my art appealing like he did!

And now after watching the design and composition videos I know why his drawing was the best one up there and I feel my drawings are now on the same level! I'm starting to know what he knew and it makes me want to continue to learn what's in the videos I have yet to see!! I'm so glad I have all the videos to watch now and will spend the time to learn everything in them!!

I'm becoming the artist I want to be thanks to you!!

Stephen Leaver


Hi Charles,

"Your drawing and painting courses are first class they have
improved my illustrations 10 fold."

Steve Young


Hi Charles,
In reply to your very helpful email, I feel that your videos look
universal to any type of picture making.
For that reason I feel that even if I was doing a number of simple
water colours of views or family portraits, that your videos could
still put ideas into my head and improve on what I could initially do.
I guess at first glance the course looks geared up to teach people
interested in illustration for various media and would involve fictional
figures in made up scenes and all the tricks involved to make those
scenes as alive as possible.
It may well be that the course was designed for a young person who
is starting off his career to help him put out a good quality product
every time.
However, I still feel a lot of what you teach is universal to anyone who
makes marks within a rectangle, no matter what the media may be,
modern or traditional. Also, no matter what the category of picture-
making is - landscapes, portraits, still life, commercial illustration,
animation, your categories of instruction would give the artist ideas
and choices.
I watched your video about color harmony with the figure holding a
bow and arrow and was totally impressed with your broad definition of
color harmony (Hue, Value, Saturation Level, Shape, Mother Color
and so on).
I felt if that was what you could enlighten on the subject of Color
Harmony what am I missing out on with the subject of composition,
which is a subject about which I never see much practical help.
The info given on composition is usually rather simple and vague; thirds,
golden ratio, balance and direction lines but none of which is ever
explained in a practical way. It usually sounds like a philosophy rather
than an instruction manual. 
When I look at Part 4 of your course I'm amazed
at how many different aspects of composition you include.
So even a retired guy can feel a little inspired by what you put into
your education.
Thank you for your help.
John Raines

Hi Charles,

I bought your complete art instruction course last October and have
been working through it. I found it very useful and full of knowledge
otherwise very hard to find. 

I am an Industrial Designer by profession. I enjoy painting and creating
concept art. While my design knowledge was well covered in my education,
I felt my art/illustration knowledge was greatly lacking. Over the years I have been working on it, but never realized that my foundation in art and design
was weak (I came from an engineering background to study art and design).
Your videos really gave me the missing foundation and as a result its not
just my painting skills, but also my thinking in art and design both has
improved immensely. 

I just wanted to say many thanks for sharing your knowledge!! 

Akshay Shinde

Hey Charles,

You are as close to a Mentor to me that I ever had, even if it's just virtual. I'm listening to your voice and your wisdom about art on a daily basis for 6 month now. Eagerly taking notes of all that golden information. Seeing you skillfully  work and trying to paint along was so much fun and I learned a lot even just by doing that. You basically made it possible for me to really learn about art, which in this way for me feels like a blessing and a miracle, because I never would have thought to find a course like yours. A course that REALLY teaches you everything you need to know in such a way that its entirely up to you how fast you develop. A course that teaches you what is REALLY important if you want to develop as an artist. The rapid development I went through in just half a year while working through Volume 1, I entirely owe your course! I know of the Fundamentals now: Construction, Perspective, Design and Composition, Value Patterns, Color Theory and Color Composition... in a way that would never have been possible for me if I kept browsing the web forever or taking 10 minute Youtube video tutorials. And I couldn't be happier about that. Your course is clearly the best stuff out there for anyone who seriously wants to learn the Fundamentals. And believe me: As a self taught artist I browsed a lot around the web for knowledge, really a lot and for quite some time before I found your course. Which did set an end to my seemingly infite search. It was surely one of the best investements of my life.

Have a nice time, sincerely,
Hardev Sandhu